Happy Homeowners

The Wilsons

eric and alli

We’ve known ever since our son was born we wanted to get a house. Our 2 bedroom apartment had served us well for years, but it shrinks quickly with toys and clothes and other essentials. We started looking in earnest a little less than a year ago.
We’d been steadily putting aside money for years and when a year end bonus hit in 2018, we knew the timing was right. We’d known Brenda Thomas-Daniel from church and her knowledge of the market and passion for finding the right house was extremely helpful. Number one on the list was space - space to run outside, space to play in the basement, space to store things, space to build our family. This house provided all of them.
Within the next couple of years, through disciplined saving and planning, we want a new kitchen, a deck and a bathroom redo. But all in all, we’re just very excited to have place to call home.
The Wilsons

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