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Alex, Lauren, and Rocky

eric and alli

After getting married in July 2021, Alex (a medical sales rep) and Lauren (a home care Physical Therapist) began their home buying journey with EveryHome agents Greg and Suzanne Elwell. After living in Philadelphia for the last 5 years, their wish list included a suburban home in a top-rated school district with more space, a swimming pool, and a nicely-sized yard for their puppy, Rocky.

Alex and Lauren began touring homes with Greg and Suzanne and fell in love with their current home on Sourwood Drive early on - but as luck would have it, their offer in this highly competitive market wasn't accepted, and they had no choice but to move on and look at other homes. The next couple of months were stressful for the first-time buyers, as Alex and Lauren submitted four other offers on different properties, but unfortunately none were accepted. And then, in a wonderful twist of fate, the Sourwood Drive home came back on the market and Alex and Lauren had the opportunity to submit another offer. They learned that it was accepted while attending Alex's best friend's wedding - even more of a reason to celebrate!

Alex, Lauren, and the sellers agreed to a quick settlement, so the process moved fast and they were able to move in just in time for the holiday season. They have been loving their new home so far, especially the driveway (coming from Philly, it's a very important and convenient feature!) and the swimming pool and outdoor bar - they can't wait for the warmer weather to take advantage of all that their beautiful new home has to offer!
Alex, Lauren, and Rocky

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