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Sam Luccia

sam luccia

I was very happy with Everyhome Realtors when I used them to sell and buy a home during a difficult season in my life. I had used other realtors before, but I am happy with the services and professionalism that they bring to the home buying experience. I also admire the personal touch and compassion they value while working with clients.

Two years ago, I was faced with a difficult season in my life. I was going through a divorce, raising an infant and being forced to downsize/sell my home. I had originally bought that house on a short sale and it needed repairs and updating. I felt overwhelmed with the task of renovating a house, listing it on the market in a down economy and raising an infant on my own, all while having a very broken heart.

Katie and her team helped me get my home ready to sell, were proactive and hands on, and she had compassion and sympathy having been a former single parent herself. I always admired her professionalism and she was able to understand the emotional turmoil I was going through.

Once the house was listed and we navigated through a down market for a little, the house sold. I did not want to rent, since I had a small child and he was fond of his dog and two cats. I had one income, a very limited budget and a short time frame to buy a house. Katie and her team helped me pick out the right house for my son and I. Everyhome Realtors made sure that all the home buying procedures ran smoothly and my son and I are happy in our new home. When I look back I am grateful that I used Everyhome Realtors and Katie Kennedy.

Forever Grateful,
-Sam and Dino

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