Happy Homeowners

Natalie Pitcairn

natalie pitcairn

I can't pinpoint exactly when I realized I wanted to own a place, rather than rent. I just knew that I was feeling restless and ungrounded, tired of paying monthly towards a temporary living situation. I felt I would be much happier in a home I truly could call my own. Owning would let me change what I wanted, help me settle in to feel more grounded, and I'd know that my monthly mortgage would be going towards something for me.

I was not in a rush to find a house, but I found one pretty quickly anyway. I saw photos come up online and had an immediate pull to it. Three days later I saw the house in person, and as soon as the door opened I knew this was the home for me. It felt right. It was small and charming. Decorated beautifully and simply, yet I could easily envision how I would decorate it myself.

I put an offer in that evening, and by the next morning I had word that the house was mine. My first evening in the house I was honestly worried how it would go, if I would feel regret or anxiety, but it just felt right. I went to sleep calm and happy, feeling like I was home.

It has taken a while to really get decorated and set up in my home, and I know i'm not finished. I love my home more and more each day. The 95 year old hard wood floors are gorgeous, and it took me a while to start covering them with area rugs. My living room is my favorite. I have a delightful deep blue velvet couch that brings me joy. With my love of music, it is the perfect room with speakers set up, to listen to music and enjoy my coffee in the mornings. The kitchen is white and welcoming and happy, with the little windows allowing in the sun. I might not have guests often, but when I do have someone come stay with me, I am happy to show them to my little guest room.
-Natalie Pitcairn

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