The "One"-der of Selling for only 1%

Why overpay for full service real estate?

Full-Service Representation

Marketing, photography, negotiations, escrow, settlement and more

Home Selling at an attractive 1%

The total cost to the seller for the EveryHome One option is only 1%

Sellers Responsibilities

Features Checklist, provide measurements, change sign sliders

Selling Options

A person wishing to sell their property has three options: They can sell it to someone they know, they can market it to the public themselves, or they can contract a real estate licensee to market the property and manage the process to settlement. These cost nothing, almost nothing, or 5% to 6% respectively.

What seems to be missing is an option whereby the seller is professionally represented without having to pay such a large fee. After all, 5% of the value of the property could be 100% of the equity (or more, a.k.a. a short sale).
The EveryHome One program is designed to provide such an option.

What does EveryHome do?

In the EveryHome One program, the seller is represented by one of our agents who performs all the functions of every property sale: the agent studies the market and provides valuation recommendations, hires a professional photographer, markets the property on,,, the Multiple Listing Service, and many other websites; coordinates the tour appointments, holds an Open House, reviews each offer with the sellers, negotiates the contract, holds the earnest money in escrow, documents each function, monitors the conveyance process, and attends settlement with, or in place of, the seller.

Sellers Responsibilities

The EveryHome One program requires a little help from the seller. The seller will complete the Home Features Checklist, provide the room measurements, and, when the time comes, change the lawn-sign status sliders from “For Sale” to “Under Contract” to “Pending” and ultimately to “Sold”. This 1% compares to the 2.5% or 3.0% that many real estate agents charge to represent their seller.

Historically, sellers offer a “Finders Fee” to any agent that brings their buyer. This fee can be any amount (even 0%) and is exclusively the seller's choice.

All aspects of the EveryHome One program are the same as our Full-Service offering but with the Features Checklist, Room-Size Worksheet, and Lawn-Sign changes performed by the seller instead of the agent.

Fellow Happy Homesellers...

Full Service Selling at only 1%