If you’re planning to purchase a home in the coming year, you may be wondering how to hire a buyer’s agent – and if you really need one at all.

While it’s certainly possible to find a home on your own and work with the listing agent, the vast majority of buyers are represented by their own Realtor®, and for good reason! Not only are they free (yes, really! The buyer’s agent commission is paid for by the seller), they also provide an array of specialized services and support:

1. A buyer’s agent represents your best interests – and your best interests alone! The listing agent has fiduciary responsibility to the sellers, meaning that they’ll be working hard to protect their best interests and ensure that they walk away with the most money possible. If you opt to work with the listing agent as a buyer, you won’t have someone negotiating on your behalf.

2. Stay organized and schedule all of your showings easily and seamlessly. Your Realtor® will be able to plan all of your home tours hassle-free and ensure that you’re able to stay on track. Plus, a buyer’s agent has access to the MLS and will be able to provide you with all of the information you need about a property.

3. The home buying process can be complicated, but your buyer’s agent has specialized knowledge and will guide you through every step of the journey. From the early stages of a mortgage pre-approval to post-settlement, your buyer’s agent will be by your side!

Shanekah Tann, REALTOR®

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