EveryHome agent and resident fitness enthusiast Jennifer Clark shares some of her favorite home workout ideas – all while staying safe and socially distanced:

Image via Mirror.co

Starting a workout program at home? You don’t have to own a home gym or anything close to it. Just find a platform that you love – and they are literally everywhere right now! There are more options to choose from than ever. We all know the big names like Peloton which has some great options with a monthly fee. They have options for combos with their high dollar items like the tread and the bike. Did you know there are also options that you use dumbbells, bands and balls that you can easily store at home? Another one that’s becoming more popular is the Mirror. It comes with a slightly lower price tag than the tread and bike from peloton and sets up with less space in your home. The Mirror has guided workouts on a large screen so it feels like personal training. The Mirror is also great for kids!

Then there’s the virtual options like barre3, Obe’, and Pure barre. The virtual option for these is super simple. For about $15-30 each month, you can log on to you computer , iPad, or phone and choose from their selection of classes. 

Image via barre3.com

These are all great ways to workout at home, but they do come with a price tag. 

Right now my personal favorites are all the “FREE” workout options on Instagram and Facebook search your favorite instructor from the gym that you went to (back when we all went to gyms everyday) you’ll be surprised how much content is out there. Some of the best instructors local to the Philly area are available for free workouts. Check out Colleen Crossed she has platforms on Facebook and Instagram many of her workouts are downloaded to YouTube. My fav is her PIYO – It’s crazy hard! She is also back teaching classes at ACAC in West Chester and at lifetime in king of Prussia. 

Best of luck to creating a home workout that you love!