One of the most common questions asked by sellers is whether or not they should box up their family photos, kids’ mementos, and other personalized pieces and keep them in storage until their home sells.  You may have heard this suggestion before, as some believe that removing all photos will create a “blank slate” and therefore allow prospective buyers to better visualize their own belongings in your current space.

family photos

However, many modern real estate agents suggest that a couple family photos might even be helpful when it comes time to sell.  As EveryHome co-owner and co-founder Katie Kennedy explains, “I recommend that sellers keep a handful of nice family photos displayed, as it conveys warmth within the home and nice memories of the family that is selling.”  More than a few photos can be distracting however, and Katie encourages all sellers to keep clutter at bay so that buyers can focus on the home’s best photos

Another important consideration is privacy.  It’s always a good idea to remove any photos or documents that show personal information, especially when it’s about photos