With Halloween right around the corner, we love a little festive decor throughout our listings – but beware of these three common home features that will make buyers feel like they’re in a real life haunted house:buyers1. Taxidermy…. everywhere!  One or two pieces might (might!) be appropriate if you are selling a log cabin nestled in the woods, but more than that is just downright creepy to most buyers.  If you want to appeal to more buyers than just fellow hunters, we recommend carefully boxing up the rest and place it in storage until the home sells.buyers

2. Tons of extra locks.  When a homeowner has three or four extra locks installed on their door, it sends a clear message that they haven’t felt safe in their neighborhood.  That can be concerning to a lot of buyers – plus, didn’t Dad always say, “locks only keep honest people out”?  If you’re concerned about safety, consider a professionally monitored home security system.buyers

3. Poorly lit basements.  Unfinished basements are perfectly acceptable, and even common – the problem, however, is when there is not adequate lighting.  Most buyers will want to check out the basement for any signs of damage (mold, water, etc), and it can feel like a bad horror story when there isn’t enough lighting.