Colleen Whitlock joined the EveryHome team in 2016, and we couldn’t have been more excited!  A hard-working and incredible agent, Colleen’s background in home staging has allowed her to help countless sellers get their home ready to sell.  Colleen is a Delaware County expert, and has resided in Havertown with her husband and daughter since 2002. Colleen Whitlock

One of the best things about being a Realtor is that no two days are ever the same. There are always a number of different transactions going on at the same time and lots of pieces of the puzzle being put together leading up to a settlement.  Today, did not disappoint!

Mornings are always the same routine. 

6:30AM I wake up, take my two dogs out, feed them and hop online to check for new listings.  Now that updates every 15 minutes I like click on the “new listings” section of the site. I check my email, send new listings out that fit my clients wish list and check my planner for my penciled in appointments.  In this fast paced world we live in there is still something to be said for having a designated office space. I like to spend my mornings sitting at my desk working at my computer. I communicate heavily with my clients via email and text so having a hub where I can focus and communicate is key to a productive morning.
Colleen Whitlock
8AM is time to drop off my daughter at school and pick up my coffee. This agent runs on Dunkin’. Today, I am taking my coffee on the road and heading over to a listing that is making settlement tomorrow.
9AM I arrive at my listing that settles tomorrow. Time to remove the yard sign and pick up some staging items I had used while the house was on the market. My car is packed to the gills so I make a detour to home to unload the staging inventory.  Perfect timing since I hear back from an agent regarding an offer I submitted for a buyer.  Looks like they want to counter.  I reach out to my buyer and we discuss the counter offer over the phone and I beeline to my office to write up the counter.  Time is of the essence when you are working on an offer – the last thing you want to happen is another offer come in while your countering.
Colleen Whitlock
11AM I answer a few calls and print out marketing materials for a new listing. The sign that I removed earlier in the morning is getting moved over to my new listing.  I get in my car and make my way over to hang the sign, lock box and leave the marketing materials at the house before making my way to the EveryHome office to pick up a deposit check for tomorrow’s settlement.
1PM It’s starting to rain as I make my way to the EveryHome office which means no dip in the pool today.  While at the office I catch up with Katie and the rest of the amazing EveryHome staff before making my way home.  On the ride I follow up on a few messages and make some calls (thank goodness for bluetooth).  I had to return several calls regarding listings and also a first time buyer who is navigating the home buying process for the first time.
Colleen Whitlock
3PM It’s time for school pickup. The best part of being a realtor is that I get to dictate my own home and work life balance.  My daughter & my husband are my biggest cheerleaders and helpers in this business. My daughter & I make a stop at Staples to pick up some printer paper & the phone rings.  It’s the agent for the counter that I submitted earlier in the day.  Good News! The sellers accepted our counter.  This is the call you love to hear and love to make.  I waste no time letting my buyer know she is going to be a home owner.
4PM Back at home and working in the office.  Time to respond to emails, review listing feedback, and schedule the home inspection for the property that just went under contract today.  As I mentioned this morning – each day is different and their is not road map for how the day will play out.  You just have to buckle up and be ready for the ride.
Colleen Whitlock
5:30PM Time to put work aside and have dinner with the family.
6:30PM Most buyers work during the day and like to look at houses at night. Today is no different. I am out looking at three houses all in the same neighborhood.  One has potential but my client is not ready to call it “the one”.  Before heading home from the showings I sit in my car and submit the agent feedback for the three properties we toured right from my phone via and App.
8PM I walk in the front door for the last time tonight night.  I greet my family and my dogs before making my way to the office to make sure all my documents are in place for settlement in the morning. I shut down the office computer, turn off the light and close down shop for the day.
Colleen Whitlock
10PM As I get ready for bed I am reminded of one of my favorite quotes “Be Humble, Be Hungry, and Always be the Hardest Worker in the Room” – Today was a good day & I can’t wait to wake up and do it all again.