We bet you’re envisioning the icky black stuff coating the edges of the walls in your grandmother’s basement, right?  While that’s a major problem (and a serious health hazard), the reality is that mold issues can be far more complex — and difficult to spot! The truth is, mold is a type of fungus that can grow just about anywhere, but certain humid areas such as showers and basements tend to be the most problematic.

Some people are far more sensitive to mold than others, but ultimately it’s a health concern for all people.  People with allergies/sensitivities, infants, and the elderly should especially avoid coming into contact with mold.


The best way to prevent molds growth is to identify and control moisture and water problems in your home.  Roof and plumbing leaks, humidifiers, clothing dryers venting indoors, damp basements, and steam tend to be the most common reasons for mold issues.  In order to prevent these issues, consider adding a dehumidifier, cleaning your bathroom and basement with mold-killing products, and ensuring that your home is properly ventilated.


Unfortunately, it’s not always obvious if your home (or a home that you wish to purchase) has an issue.  Often times, you’ll be able to detect the musty odor or see visible spots.  However, be sure to consult your home inspector and a mold remediation expert if a problem is detected.