If you’re thinking about buying a condo, you’re probably aware that you’ll be paying a monthly association fee to take care of things like the lawn, exterior maintenance, trash, and water.  Often times, condos are relatively affordable and excellent low-maintenance options — but in addition to the monthly fee, they also can enforce a number of rules and guidelines, and many associations regulate pets!


Every condominium community works a bit differently.  Some are pretty strict, whereas others are more flexible (and your EveryHome agent can help you get a better sense of this prior to submitting any offers!).


As a general rule, cats tend to be allowed in condos, although many communities will only allow one or two.  Small animals, like hamsters and fish, are typically not restricted, although some condos have regulations regarding birds.


Dogs are a bit less likely to be welcome in condo communities, unfortunately.  In our experience, about half of the local condo communities allow smaller dogs, whereas the others ban them altogether.  Larger dogs (50+ lbs) are restricted in most local condominiums, although we known of some communities that will allow them. And sadly, a few breeds including German Shepherds, Dobermans, Pit Bulls, and Rottweilers, tend to be unwelcome in most local condominium communities due to their insurance policies (and this frustrates us, too!).


If you and Fido are looking for a new home in Greater Philadelphia, be sure to give us a call at (215) 699-5555! We’re excited to have many dog lovers on the EveryHome team, and we’d be excited to find a home that works well for all of your furry family members.