Discount real estate agencies have been popping up in the area for the last decade or so. They offer limited real estate services for a much lower commission, or a low flat-rate fee. Generally speaking, a discount brokerage will provide some marketing materials and post your home on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) database, but generally are not involved in organizing showings, open houses, negotiations, home inspections, and settlements.

EveryHome agent Mark Gatta enjoyed selling the Gold family's beautiful home! Discount Brokerage

EveryHome agent Mark Gatta enjoyed selling the Gold family’s beautiful home!

It’s not uncommon for our competition to think that we’re a discount brokerage, and this is typically because they’re aware that we charge a significantly lower commission. However, what they don’t realize is that we offer full-service listing services — in fact, we offer even more than other full-service agencies! In addition to representing our clients throughout the entire process (we’ll even attend settlement on your behalf), we also offer an advanced marketing plan with professional photography and videography.

Discount Brokerage

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