Is It Worth It To Host Open Houses?

Are Open Houses Worth It?

While open houses are great tools for agents seeking new clients, many real estate professionals believe that they aren’t typically worth it for sellers. Most real estate agents report that only 1-3% of their listings actually sell from an open house, which means that it is much more likely that someone will purchase your home from a private showing.
Rather, buyers today tend to be much more interested in browsing for homes online at their convenience and scheduling a showing on their own time. Open houses in our area typically don’t receive too much traffic, and many visitors tend to be curious neighbors and “looky-loos” with no intention of buying.
Of course, there are times that open houses may work to your advantage when trying to sell your home. If you’re looking for feedback from prospective buyers, it’s a great way for your agent to ask people for their opinions. It also provides a good source of motivation to get your home extra spruced-up! Open houses also tend to be a great option when they’re a luxury home or otherwise really unique in your houses

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