EveryHome is Down The Shore!

EveryHome is Down the Shore

We are excited for the opportunity to offer friendly, local, hometown EveryHome agents are down the¬†shore, Jersey shore to be exact! and pssst–now is the best time of year to buy!

down the shore

While vacation home prices have increased this past year, they are still considered historically low…but there are a few things to consider. Experts recommend buying a vacation home for recreational reasons and NOT investment. While you can make a nice rental income, it won’t always pay for the cost of the home. Instead, think of yourself as the number one renter!

Additionally, maintenance & insurance can be a bit higher than your primary home in the suburbs (sometimes this can be offset by lower taxes-ask your agent for specifics).

Some of the most popular vacation areas? Three local beach spots make Marketwatch’s top ten: Ocean City, Maryland at #4, North Wildwood at #2, and Ocean City, New Jersey at #1. That’s right, OCNJ claimed the national number one spot! But with a median home price of $525,000, OCNJ isn’t always the most affordable. That award goes to its neighbor in North Wildwood-you can find a nice home near the beach for $200k!

If you’re interested in a vacation home, give us a call at 215-699-5555. We’d love to introduce you to an agent who lives, works, and plays in the neighborhood that interests you!