Preparing to make a big move?  It’s no secret that moving a far distance isn’t cheap – or easy!  Consider the following tips for your long-distance move:Out of State

  •  If you’re moving for a job, note that any expenses may be tax-deductible (we recommend consulting with your CPA on this), and consider all moving options carefully before locking into a contract.  
  • During a big move (whether in state or out of state), EveryHome always recommends checking with the moving company regarding their insurance policy, as even the pros will occasionally make a mistake and break something of value.  Unfortunately, the standard policy doesn’t typically cover the item’s full value.  Instead, ask about expanded coverage, especially for extremely valuable items like artwork and fine jewelry.  It’s also a good idea to first consult your homeowner’s policy, as some insurance companies already provide this protection.
  • You’ve already heard the recommendations from family and friends to pare down (as much as possible!) on household items and furniture before moving, but it’s even more true during a long-distance move.  Believe it or not, sometimes it’s more cost-effective to buy nearly all new furniture for your new place rather than take your old stuff with you.  Give yourself ample time to unload your current household items on Craigslist, Letgo, eBay, and yard sales!

Out of State