If you didn’t find your dream home this past spring or summer, you just might be in luck.  While it may seem counterintuitive, the holiday season is typically one of the best times of the year for buyers, and here’s why:Holiday Season

1. Home prices are typically at their lowest point of the year in December, as sellers look to unload before the new year.  Be sure to regularly check the “New Today” tab on EveryHome.com to easily view every price drop and new listing!

2. There tends to be significantly less competition among buyers.  The holiday season is a busy time of year for everyone, and savvy homebuyers can take advantage of this. Most would-be homebuyers take a break from their home search in December, but dedicated buyers know that this is the ideal time to submit an offer for a home without incurring a bidding war!Holiday Season

3. Interest rates remain low – in fact, they’re at nearly their lowest point of the year! In addition saving to saving money on a home loan, buyers will also be able to take advantage of the slower real estate season, meaning more personalized and speedy attention from real estate agents, lenders, and title insurance companies.