When EveryHome agent Carla Giordano purchased her most recent home, she actually wasn’t even a Realtor yet — in fact, she was using EveryHome’s co-founder, Katie Kennedy, as her buyer’s agent!  Carla enjoyed working with Katie and her team so much that she decided to get her real estate license and work for EveryHome, too!  Here’s her story of how she chose her home:


Having two kids that were established in their elementary and junior high schools in Abington School District dictated where we started our home search. However, we weren’t sure what we were looking for. In hindsight, I feel like we looked at a million houses. When we first saw our house on the EveryHome website, I have to admit that I was not convinced. I did not think I wanted to live in a ranch style house. Katie Kennedy took us inside. As we looked past some obvious cosmetic issues, we realized how much space, light and charm it offered. I quickly became convinced and started visualizing our family living there. Katie and EveryHome helped us make that visualization a reality.


It has been two years since we settled and we have made huge strides in making the house our home. We still have much to do, but it’s fun watching everything take shape. As I take my clients around to different houses, I try and help them see past the knick-knacks and existing décor to the real bones of the home and picture themselves there with their loved ones and their own style.