Unfortunately, local experts believe that due to poor workmanship, tens of thousands of homes in Greater Philadelphia have stucco-related damage.  When there are cracks in the stucco or it’s improperly installed, water can seep behind the exterior and quite literally rot the home from the inside out.  While some of these problems might be minor and easily repaired, other homeowners could be faced with a bill in the $150,000 range — or even higher.


Luckily, there are plenty of ways to monitor and prevent damage if you own a stucco home.  Be on the lookout for streaks or stains under the corner of your windows and doors (“stucco tears”), mold, or any gaps around windows and doors.  And of course, if you notice any new cracks in the exterior, be sure to consult a professional as soon as possible — otherwise, you risk water seeping in.


If you’re interested in purchasing a home with a stucco exterior, you’re not alone! They’re a popular choice for plenty of Greater Philadelphia families, and there are many well-built homes that haven’t had any issues.  Prior to purchasing the home, be sure to make the sale contingent upon a satisfactory inspection.  These inspections can be pricey for larger homes (up to $1000 or more) but they’re worth it!