“It’s hard for me to pick just one thing that I love about Everyhome. If I had to choose just one it would absolutely be the ownership. I have never met more generous, genuine and loving people and the fact that I was able to find them as an employer is miraculous”  –Mark Gatta


“EveryHome has such a family feel, From the day I started the camaraderie and inspiration for us to succeed personally and with our clients is amazing.” -Amy Sweeney


“What first caught my attention to EveryHome was their business model and complete and total focus on the client – it was a breath of fresh air. What kept me here over the years is the family feel in our office. There is so much love and kindness that gets passed around and it’s contagious! My clients are as happy as I am!”  -Maureen O’Shea

“The culture at EveryHome is unbeatable.  The owners, Katie & Paul, foster such a welcoming and flexible work environment, and that reflects in every aspect of the business. EveryHome agents are relaxed, friendly, and approachable.  I think that’s what attracts such great clients!”  –Alanna Messner


“What I love most about Everyhome is the people. All the agents are always supportive of each other and always willing to help each other which creates a great working environment. This great environment absolutely starts with Katie and Paul and the whole home office and we agents extend that to our clients.” -Pernilla Marsh


“If you are a professional Realtor who wants to work with other like-minded Realtors, who place a high value on ethics and a sense of family, without unnecessary paperwork and unproductive politics, and truly deliver real value to your clients, then you’ll love EveryHome.”  –Joe Santoro

“I love EveryHome because I think it’s an innovative real estate brokerage.  They are willing to try new ways to do business and they make it easy to help you and your clients succeed in closing sales.” –Lisa Presnell


“I love working for Everyhome Realtors because of the welcoming, family atmosphere.” –AnnMarie Hughes


“When searching for a brokerage, I wasn’t searching for a place that promised me the moon and stars. I was looking for a place that could be my second home and I found that at EveryHome. The small, intimate family-owned brokerage has been a perfect fit for me & my family.” –Colleen Whitlock

“I have been with the company from the very first phone ring and have stayed ever since. The great owners of EveryHome have given me the chance to expand my knowledge both in real estate and photography which in turn I can share with the rest of our great agents”  –Emma Waltz


“I love working at EveryHome for the amazing support we have for each other, not only in the workplace but personally as well.   We have amassed thoughtful, honest, hard-working, incredible humans and I feel lucky to be with them.” –Katie Kennedy