If your New Year’s Resolution is about saving money (perhaps for a down payment on a new home?), then you’ll love these apps! Suitable for iPhone and Android users alike, these programs are convenient, easy to use, and free:

saving money

1. Acorns is one of the most convenient ways to automatically start saving money! This handy app can connect to your debit and/or credit cards and “round up” all of your transactions to the nearest dollar and deposit the change into an investment account.  For example, if you make a purchase from Dunkin Donuts for $2.83, Acorns will automatically round up the purchase to $3.00 and deposit $0.17 into your Acorns account.

2. If you’re looking to establish a budget and stay on track in an easy and fun way, consider the Level Money app.  This free program allows you to set a “spendable” (your safe-to-spend number) and provides you with reminders to keep you on track.

3. For a social saving money app, look no further than Unsplurge.  This fun app allows you to connect with friends and community members to track progress and set saving goals to keep you motivated.

saving money

4. Keep track of every penny of your financial activity with Mint.  This handy little app takes note of your spending habits, provides you with patterns of your spending (maybe you’re a weekend spender, or spending quite a bit at restaurants) and creates a budget.  Plus, Mint alerts you when you’re spending more than usual.