You may already know that your real estate agent makes his or her money from commissions, or a percentage of each transaction. And for those of you looking to sell your home, you’re¬†likely wondering how much you’ll have to pay your agent — and rightfully so! After all, that’s a portion of your hard-earned equity.


A lot of agencies in the area charge around 6% (sometimes a bit more when you consider additional fees). This is especially true for “big box” agencies. However, EveryHome is proud to be a privately-held company with less overhead… and we pass those savings on to our sellers! EveryHome charges just 4.5% to sell your home, and that includes the buyer’s agents commission too!

Buying a home? Good news! You won’t owe a real estate agent anything. The seller pays both the seller’s and the buyer’s agent from proceeds of the sale. And if you use EveryHome, not only will you not pay a commission, but your agent will actually pay YOU! Read more about how nearly every home qualifies for Cash@Closing when you purchase a home with EveryHome.