Quickly Purchase A Home

Many of our buyers are curious about the timeline of a home purchase — after all, how long does it really take to get a mortgage and secure title insurance and make it to the settlement table? It depends largely on whether or not you’re securing a mortgage (you probably are), the seller’s plans, and your own interest. Here’s the basic breakdown:

Quickly Purchase a Home

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1. Assuming that you’re securing a mortgage, count on about 30-45 days (at a minimum) from the date that the home goes under contract. Sure, we’ve seen clients quickly purchase a home in less than three weeks — but that can be tough to accommodate, especially in the busy season. Generally speaking, the settlement date is a combination of the interest of both the buyer and seller. Maybe the seller can’t vacate the home for two months, or maybe you can’t move in until your lease is up in 90 days. Either way, it’s not uncommon for settlements to be scheduled 90 days out or so.

2. Not getting a mortgage? Lucky you! It’s not uncommon for “cash deals” to settle in two weeks, and this is largely due to securing title insurance and finding a day that accommodates all parties.