Looking to spruce up your home this summer? We asked a few local contractors for their estimated prices on a variety of popular summer home improvements:

1. New windows can range in price quite a bit, but a standard window opening costs about $400-700 for removal of the existing window, replacement, and labor. Custom windows (for instance, if your home is 150 years old or otherwise quite unique) can cost significantly more.

2. Gutter cleaning can range from $150-250 for the average home in our area. Larger homes can be a bit pricier, and installing mesh guards to protect against debris can keep the price down in the future.

3. Is it time to get your deck resealed? If so, local contractors suggest expecting about $2.00 per square foot for labor and materials.

4. Summer is the perfect time to get your shutters and front door painted! For the pros to paint 8 shutters and a front door, count on a fee of approximately $500. Want to DIY? A gallon of paint should cover it, and can be picked up at Home Depot for around $30 and a few brushes, rollers, and a tray will be about $25.

5. Freshen up by getting your carpets cleaned! While prices vary greatly depending on the type and condition of carpet, the first floor of your house can run between $150-300. Groupon often has excellent deals on professional carpet cleaning, so be sure to check there first! And if you want to DIY, you can rent a shampooer for approximately $75/day.

Thank you to local construction company L.K. Miller for their assistance with pricing!

Thank you to local construction company L.K. Miller for their assistance with pricing!

*Please note that these prices are based on the average fees by local residential contractors. The condition, size, and style of your home may dramatically affect these estimated prices. Additionally, the materials you choose may affect the price, as well as your contractor’s labor fees*