Buying A Home With a Pool: Is It Worth It?

Remember being a kid and begging your parents for a swimming pool? And remember how your parents said no? Mom and Dad may have been onto something — after all, pool ownership shouldn’t be taken lightly. The heating costs, maintenance, safety and insurance can all be significant burdens! On the flipside, it’s hard to beat having a quick swim being just a few steps away. Plus, a pool is wonderful for entertaining friends, and the kids will love it.


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While it still may seem counterintuitive, a home with a swimming pool in our area will often slightly bring down the value of a home when it hits the market — and this is especially true in homes that are valued under $250,000.  Heating fees can cost around $200/month, weekly maintenance is typically around $80-100, and major repairs can be costly. As always, we recommend that you reach out to a local pool company for individualized pricing estimates if you find a home with a pool!

If you’d enjoy the benefits from the swimming pool in the home you’d like to purchase, be sure to ask the seller if they have maintenance and repair records for your review. Your agent will also be sure to assist you with a pool inspection during the sales process. And don’t be shy to negotiate with them about paying for any upfront pool maintenance or repairs!

What if pool maintenance isn’t in the budget, but you’re dying for the home? Removing the pool is always an option, and this typically costs around $7000-9000 (of course, this price can vary a lot!).