What If I Dont Like My Agent?

Dont Like My Agent At All!

It happens. Sometimes we hear from new clients that they didn’t enjoy working with their prior real estate agent and that they would like to meet somebody new. While this situation can occur for a variety of reasons, the important part is that you’re served by an agent who is a great communicator, pleasant, knowledgeable and trustworthy.

dont like my agent

We’re lucky to have an incredible team at EveryHome!

If you’re currently working with a real estate agent and you don’t think you’re a great fit, you have a couple of options. If you haven’t yet signed a Buyer’s Agency Contract (which obligates that specific agent to receive your commission), you’re free to meet a brand new agent without any hesitations. If you have signed a BAC, you can explain to your current agent why it just isn’t working out. Professional agents will appreciate your feedback and terminate your contract without any negotiations.
At EveryHome, we don’t ask clients to sign anything with us. Why? It’s simple. We trust that we will provide you with an excellent agent, and we stand by our service. We don’t feel the need to ask you to sign paperwork saying you’ll use EveryHome. Instead, we trust that you’ll enjoy working with your EveryHome agent. Of course, should you ever feel that your EveryHome agent isn’t a perfect fit, give us a call or email us at theoffice@everyhome.com. We keep all requests confidential, and we’re always happy to help!