Home Stager : Should You Hire One?

Consider Hiring A Home Stager

Home Staging is the art and science of making your home the most appealing it can be to the largest numbers of buyers in your market. Yes, it’s fun to make a room or a whole house pretty, but when staging, HeartWork Organizing focuses on universal truths about how we all like our homes. We like our homes light, bright, open, large, clean, organized, comfortable, updated, coordinated, and smelling nice.

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Many homeowners think buyers should be able to look past the décor and see the “bones” of the house. Most people can’t imagine something different than what they see. If they can, they are probably ringing up what it will take to “fix” the things that don’t appeal to them, like poor lighting and wallpaper. By updating décor before you list, you can raise the value of your house well beyond the value of the changes.

Unlike what you see on TV, most people have to live in their home while it is listed, and most people don’t want to spend a lot of money on fixing up a house they are leaving. A Home stager typically uses things the client has on hand, or a few carefully selected new or rented items, to refresh the home (art). In most cases, any new items coordinate with your belongings, so they’ll work wonderfully in your new place, too (science).

With the written report in hand, a client can either complete their own work or, more often, allow HeartWork Organizing to transform the space into a buyer’s dream (art). Since you’re probably pretty busy already, and maybe even more than usual with the details of moving, getting the house ready for sale is something that your stager can do. We typically spend between 1 and 5 days on a home, depending on the size and the areas we’re improving (science). Written home staging analysis are just $180, and hands-on staging starts at just $525. Email now for free staging tips or to schedule an appointment.

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Darla DeMorrow is an award winning home stager, Certified Professional Organizer®, Color With No Regrets consultant, decorator, author, speaker, and owner of HeartWork Organizing. Request your free staging to sell tips at www.HeartWorkOrg.com or schedule an appointment at 856-905-3202