Cozy Winter Home Staging

Cozy Staging

Some sellers feel that it can be tough to keep their home looking its best in the winter, but cozy seasonal staging can be appealing to prospective buyers. With our four favorite staging tips, your home will be the most beautiful on the block!
1. Create a welcoming atmosphere by setting up lamps and window candles on timers so that the house is well-lit upon a buyer’s arrival. If any rooms in your house are too dark, consider purchasing an extra inexpensive lamp.
2. Keep it festive! Embrace the holiday season with a wreath, a decorated mantel, or a Christmas tree, but be careful that the decorations aren’t the focal point of your home.cozy

We love this festive wreath from Pottery Barn!

3. Comfort and warmth are key. Consider adding a snuggly throw pillow onto the couch to create a cozy vibe, and pick up a few of those electric candles next time you’re at the store (they’re much safer than leaving a real candle lit!). Adjust the thermostat a degree or two warmer than normal on particularly cold days.
4. Last but not least…. curb appeal! Of course, it’s harder to keep the exterior of your home looking beautiful when the grass is brown and trees are bare, but it becomes even more important that your windows are washed, front door area is clean, and sidewalks are clear. Be sure to keep ice at bay by salting and shoveling the walkways and driveway.