Ambler Food Co-Op is Almost Here!

Get Involved at the Ambler Food Co-Op!

Good news for our neighbors in the Ambler area! A dedicated group of folks have been working hard on bringing a cooperatively-owned grocery store to our area. This means greater access to local foods, community membership and involvement (open to anyone!), and independence from chain retailers.
If you’re like us, you’re probably pretty excited to hear about this, and maybe you even want to become a member yourself! We have more good news: membership is affordable (plus, it’s an investment….hellooo discounts & dividends). Check out the Ambler Food Co-Op website for details.

ambler food co-op

Visit their website here to learn more and check out their jam-packed event calendar.

Thanks to the hard-working volunteers at the Ambler Food Co-op for being such awesome neighbors! If you know of any great projects or start-ups in the area, e-mail us at