Top Features for Luxury Homebuyers

It’s no secret that location and size are two major factors in the price of a luxury home. If you’re one of the lucky few to be in the market for a million dollar home, here are a few other things that Forbes suggests you should consider:

1. The higher the better, when it comes to ceiling height! Cubic square footage is more important than actual square footage, and as one real estate expert mentions, “there’s almost no such thing as a luxury apartment with 8.5 foot ceilings!”

luxury home

2. Beautiful, unobstructed views are an important consideration for luxury homebuyers. While the location (or zip code) is undeniably important, a private lot with manicured grounds will also become a key selling point.

3. It’s a “must” to have at least one (but preferably two) luxury walk-in closets in the master bedroom, as well as copious storage space around the rest of the home.

4. Find a reputable builder with a proven track record in high-end, luxury homes. If you’re not too familiar with local developers, ask your EveryHome agent for a little advice.