4 Tips for Yard Sale Success This Spring!

Wondering where all of that stuff laying around your garage, shed, and basement came from? Well, we can’t answer that…but we can help you out with an easy (and possibly even fun!) way to get rid of it: It’s yard sale time!

1) The more the merrier! After you’ve compiled a list of things you’re ready to sell, consider asking neighbors, friends & family members if they’d like to join in and set up a table. The public is more likely to head over to a big multi-family yard sale.

2) Advertise for free! Craigslist & Yardsalesearch.com are two great resources where you can post your yard sale for no cost whatsoever. In your description, be sure to list any extra special items you may have, and be detailed! Upscale clothing? List the brands. Designer housewares? Let them know which store. Also, be sure to indicate whether or not early birds are okay (otherwise, expect a few folks to show up a half hour beforehand).

3) Take your time setting up in the morning to ensure that all of your items are visible, priced correctly, and clean. If you’re located pretty close to the street, set a few of your most attractive items up near the road so that passersby can get a good look. Cater to kids & encourage longer visits by offering free or low-priced snacks (water bottles, soda, bags of chips, ice cream pops).

yard sale

4) Donate the rest of your items by having them picked up…for free! Lots of local charities offer free pick-up for any unwanted household goods.