Home Up for Sale this Spring

Putting Your Home Up for Sale this Spring

If you’re thinking of putting your home up for sale this spring, you’re not alone! Each year, the number of homes for sale spikes in the springtime (typically, we see a big jump right after the Superbowl). This means that you’re going to have quite a bit of competition with your neighbors, but there are a few easy ways that you can get ahead:
home up for sale this spring
  1. Consider contacting a real estate professional a couple of months before you wish to put your home up for sale this spring. They’ll be able to give you a good idea of fair market value and provide you with personalized advice on how to best prepare and stage your home. (It’ll also give you time to meet with a couple of real estate agents and evaluate who you feel is best.)
  2. If you regularly check our blog, you know that I’m a sucker for curb appeal…and tons of data support my obsession! Power washing your siding, wiping down the front door, purchasing a new “Welcome” mat, and sweeping the walkways are a few of the easiest ways that you can impress potential buyers.
  3. De-clutter! One of the biggest turn-offs to buyers is a home that has too much “junk” in it and it tends to make rooms look smaller. Clear off tables, pick up toys, and tidy up the garage. If you don’t have a ton of extra space, rent an inexpensive unit at a storage facility for your extra things. Repeat after us: Less is more.
  4. If your home will be vacant, consider hiring a staging company for a small fee. We can’t stress this enough! It’ll give a buyer a better sense of how their own furniture will fit in your home, and stagers are real pros at making your home look beautiful. Bonus: It’s more reasonably priced than you’d think.