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Michelle Smith, Real Estate Agent

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I took the long road to getting into this industry. I was born and raised in Springfield, Massachusetts a small New England city. I relocated to the Philadelphia area in 1998. Although the culture, the homes, the dining, the sports teams, the architecture, and the overall lifestyle was different, I dove right in and successfully adjusted. Consequently, my husband and two sons were all excited when I started in real estate industry in January of 2012.

This was after years of people telling me that this was the career for me. My friends, my family, and others knew that I had the keen ability to listen to those talking about what their next home should be, to discuss this concept with them, and be pivotal to them getting just that.

To have a successful career in this industry, and produce many noteworthy transactions are both second to the joy I receive when I see people finally move into the right home. I love working with first time home buyers. I actually don't see this as a career but rather a labor of love. No one can put a value on seeing a woman in her sixties buy her first home. I experienced this and watched the woman cry out of happiness. She thought she would never buy a home. Stories like these are why I'm in the industry and I have fortunately experienced many of these stories.

My two sons were young boys when I arrived in 1998. Now one works for a major company in the area of technology and the other is in graduate school. My husband is a financial consultant. I am very proud of my family and their careers as well. I must say that I've come a long way since I attended my first Phillies game 19 years ago!