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Bella Skurbe, Realtor

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I love big changes, both for myself and for others. I find them thrilling and my goal as a Realtor is to keep the excitement of finding a new home but take away the stress of the process.

I was introduced to real estate, specifically the mortgage side of it all, from a very young age. My father, Barton Skurbe, successfully runs the mortgage division at Huntingdon Valley Bank. He has been my mentor in all ways, including inadvertently showing me the benefits of honesty, integrity, hard work, and customer satisfaction in the home buying business.

My absolute favorite part about being a Realtor is looking for the perfect home for my clients. In my free time, I love checking out the available properties in different areas. All my life, I have moved a lot, so I understand that every town, every neighborhood, is unique, and everyone of them will cater to different needs. When it comes to Pennsylvania, I have lived in Bucks County and I currently live in Montgomery County.

I am a fitness trainer as well and my philosophy in training is to find a modality of exercise in my clients love and enjoy. That philosophy carries over to real estate – I want to find homes that my clients love and will enjoy, nothing less!

In my free time I love traveling anywhere on the East Coast, specifically to any beaches or mountains. I have a German Shepherd/Belgian Malinois mixed puppy that will be joining me on these adventures now. I am super dog/animal friendly- I love all kinds! I also think that sometimes a home must be considered for a pet's needs, whether that means no carpet, or if that’s just wondering how close the nearest dog park is.