Upper Merion School District

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Upper Merion Area School District
Proudly serving approximately 3900 students across six schools, Upper Merion Area School District is located in the southwest corner of Montgomery County and centers on the town of King of Prussia. The district is notable for its impressive curriculum, scholarship opportunities for graduating students, and strong athletic program.
Upper Merion Area School District Highlights
Upper Merion Area High School instituted a scholarship program in 1990 to assist graduating seniors with the increasing cost of college tuition. The scholarship fund has been growing ever since, and has awarded $343,500 to deserving seniors ever since!

In an effort to seamlessly integrate technology into the classroom, the high school offers a “One-to-One” program in which each and every student is provided a laptop for both school and home use. Allowing equal access to technology for all students permits a more meaningful classroom experience and prepares students for life after graduation.

Looking for extracurricular opportunities? Look no further! With a Forensics Team, Ecology Club, Model United Nations Club, and Cultural Heritage Club, there is something for everyone!

Upper Merion Area Middle School is notable for its participation in the Community of Caring program. This award-winning program is designed to teach character education, including the four core values of “caring, respect, responsibility, family, and trust”. The core values are integrated into classroom discussions and lessons.

Upper Merion Area School District is home to six schools, including Bridgeport Elementary School, Caley Elementary School, Candlebrook Elementary School, Roberts Elementary School, Upper Merion Area Middle School, and Upper Merion Area High School.
Real Estate in Upper Merion Area School District
Homes in Upper Merion Area School District tend to be relatively affordable, with the majority of single-family homes priced between $175,000 and $350,000. Most of these single-family homes are located within King of Prussia (part of Upper Merion Township). Popular single-family home styles in the area include split levels, bi-levels, and colonials.

Bridgeport borough tends to be a little bit more affordable, with an abundance of twin and townhomes. There are plenty of condominium communities in King of Prussia, too! While most of the neighborhoods in Upper Merion Area School District are established, there are a few new construction communities as well.

Parts of Upper Merion Area School District are located in Wayne, which is an affluent suburb along the “Main Line.” These homes within the district are considerably more expensive, and there are typically a handful for sale for over a million dollars. Most of these estates are