West Norriton Township

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West Norriton Township
Nestled along the Schuylkill River in the heart of Montgomery County, West Norriton Township is a vibrant community to live, work, and enjoy an array of recreational opportunities. The township spans approximately 6 square miles and is home to over 15,600 people.
West Norriton Quick Facts
West Norriton’s history traces back to 1730 when the Township of Norriton was established by the court. At the time, this township encompassed present-day West Norriton, East Norriton, and Norristown Borough. In 1812, the Borough of Norristown was established, and the remaining Township of Norriton divided once again into West Norriton and East Norriton.

West Norriton is often referred to as “Jeffersonville” by local residents. While Jeffersonville doesn’t have a post office and you’re unlikely to find it on a map, there are many stores and streets of the same name.

West Norriton Township is served by Norristown School District. There are many local private schools, too!
Things To Do in West Norriton
It’s hard to mention West Norriton without referencing the popular Schuylkill River Trail! The 26 mile trail is a great spot for runners, joggers, and bikers, and runs the length of the township, extending north to Phoenixville and south to Philadelphia.

Like to golf? You’ll love the public golf courses in West Norriton, including the Westover Golf Club and the Jeffersonville Golf Club. Afterwards, be sure to stop at one of the town’s favorite restaurants including Chap’s Bar and Restaurant, or Nippers.
Real Estate in West Norriton
West Norriton real estate is unique, relatively affordable, and charming! The majority of homes for sale are single-family homes between $150,000 and $300,000, although a variety of prices and styles are available. Popular home styles include modest Cape Cod homes, ranch homes with nice backyards, and Colonial homes located on tree-lined streets.

Additionally, West Norriton is known for their beautiful and stately stone homes. Bursting with character and charm, you’ll be sure to find original gleaming hardwood floors, and exposed beams, wood fireplaces.

The township also offers a neighborhood of homes located along the Schuylkill River. Referred to as “Port Indian,” the collection of these unique riverfront homes are well-loved by the community and many even offer a boat launch!

Looking for something a bit more budget-friendly? Be sure to check out the townhomes and condos in West Norriton – many of which are available for under $100,000! Middleton Place and Centre Avenue Condominiums are two popular and affordable places to live.