Cheltenham Township

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Welcome to Cheltenham Township
Nestled along the Philadelphia border in southern Montgomery County is this friendly and diverse township filled with quaint neighborhoods and unique homes! Cheltenham Township is the most densely populated municipality in Montgomery County, with an urban vibe and plenty to do and see. Cheltenham is home to over 37,000 people over 8 square miles.
Cheltenham Township Quick Facts
Cheltenham’s history dates back to in 1682 when it was established by a small group of Quakers from Cheltenham, England. However, Cheltenham was not always part of Montgomery County. Originally, the land was part of Philadelphia and it did not become part of Montgomery County until its creation in 1784.

Cheltenham was considered one of the most prominent communities in Philadelphia up until the Great Depression in the early 20th century. Affluent Philadelphians and tycoons built many estates in Cheltenham, some of which are still standing.

Today, Cheltenham Township is diverse in nature. Parts of the township along the Philadelphia border maintain a distinctly urban vibe, with rows of townhouses and a denser population. However, the township also includes the villages of Wyncote, Elkins Park, and Melrose Park. With more single-family homes and rich histories, these neighborhoods are quaint, walkable, and suburban.
What To Do In Cheltenham Township
Cheltenham is conveniently located along the Philadelphia border, and just five minutes from Jenkintown and Glenside. Within the township, you’ll find an abundance of great restaurants (many in the Elkins Park community) including Park Plates and Alexander’s Café.

Nature lovers will love the parks, arboretums, and recreational facilities that Cheltenham Township offers. Cheltenham is home to the Curtis Arboretum, JC Melrose Country Club, Wall Park, Parkview Park, and plenty of running and walking trails!
Cheltenham Township Real Estate
Homes in Cheltenham Township tend to be in the affordable or moderate priced range, with some higher-priced luxury homes as well. The majority of homes for sale are single-family homes between $150,000-300,000, many of which are truly unique!

No cookie cutter homes here! In Cheltenham, you’re more likely to find a charming property with character. Updated older homes also tend to be popular in the area, as well as Tudor Homes, historic stone homes, and classic Colonials. Real estate in Elkins Park tends to be particularly charming.

Looking for something more affordable? Cheltenham Township is home to plenty of more budget-friendly options, including move-in ready townhomes under $125,000 and single-family “diamonds in the rough”. The area is popular for investors and first-time homebuyers alike!