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Because School District Matters

Real Estate is an incredibly personal thing - maybe you love split levels, ranches, big yards, little towns, or easy commutes. You may need a basement, not need a garage, but definitely a fenced yard. Just like real estate, school district choice is a personal thing as well.

Home buying clients ALWAYS ask, is it a good school district? Well, maybe - but is it a good school district for you? What do you care about? Teacher-to-student ratio? Great test scores? Diversity? The number of kids that go on to college? Does it have a great trade school as well? Special needs? All questions that only you can answer!

Here is my story - and the reason EveryHome exists. I was a single Mom with two littles and a tight budget. I LOVE my kids, but they are not mensa students, not spectacular athletes, and did not play concert-level piano. They are just kids - happy and perfect in their own way. I knew that I wanted safe, smaller classrooms that an average kid would not get lost in. I wanted to see EVERYHOME in the district that I chose and there was no way to search specifically in that district. search by school district function is unique. You will not find it on other sites because it is proprietary for us and for all the Moms and Dads searching for the perfect district for their kiddies. Call Us for great school district resources. 215.699.5555

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